Measured, Not Remembered (Queen Mobs Teahouse, March 2019) (Finalist, 46th New Millennium Writing Awards)

Ordinary Time (Missouri Review, July 2018) Winner of the Missouri Review’s Peden Prize for best fiction published in a volume year (2018)



Orison Books and the Literature of the Spirit (Ploughshares Blog, November 2017)

The Narrative Conscience: An Interview with Connie May Fowler (Ploughshares Blog, May 2017)

The Complicated and Contradictory Mosaic of Cure: An Interview with Eli Clare. (Ploughshares Blog, April 2017)

A Transformative Act: Words Become Music: An Interview with Eric Moe (Ploughshares Blog) November 2016

Diversity, Politics and Music: An Interview with Camilo Carrara (Numero Cinq, October 2016)

Stories are Never Neutral: Disability, Representation, and Autonomous Press (Ploughshares Blog, September 2016)

The Elusive Middle: An Interview with Nathan Currier  (VAN Magazine) August 2016

On Music and the Sublime: An Interview with Composer Eric Moe (Numero Cinq) July 2016

Music in the Anthropocene: An Interview with Composer Nathan Currier (Numero Cinq)

Random Walks: Interview with Composer Ivan Seng (Numero Cinq)


Black Mountain Songs and Resistance (Ploughshares blog, October 2017)

What’s Left, What’s Left Out (Ploughshares blog, August 2017)

Writing Appalachia (Ploughshares blog, July 2017)

“How do you make the face for Yay?” Graphic Narratives and Hidden Disability (Ploughshares Blog, June 2017)

The Problem with Writing Autism as Problem (Ploughshares blog, April 2017)

The Instagram of Eileen Myles (Ploughshares blog, March 2017)

Ancient Technology: Using Greek Tragedies to Heal Present-Day Trauma (Ploughshares blog, October 2016)

Can’t Get It Out of my Head: Songs in Janet Frame’s Fiction (Ploughshares blog, September 2016)

Writing People Reading Books: Tracking the Elusive Reader (Ploughshares blog, August 2016)

“Honey, I rode every pig track here to yonder”: Bookmobiles in Southern Appalachia (Ploughshares blog, July 2016)

No Such Thing as Natural Disaster (Wraparound South, Summer/Fall 2016)

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By The Time (Up and Under: the QND Review, Issue #1)

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Come Again No More (The Comstock Review, Vol. 15 #2), finalist, Muriel Craft Bailey Award

I Tend To Fall (Asheville Poetry Review, Vol 8 #1)

Autism Articles:

The Relief of Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Diagnosis in Adults (Autism-Aspergers Digest, Feb-April 2015)

Imagine This, by Carolyn Ogburn and Dr. Evelyn S. Chiang (Autism Spectrum Quarterly, Spring 2015)

Creating a Relationship of Trust: Professionals and Adults with ASD (Autism-Aspergers Digest, May-June 2014)

“On Communication and Passing for Normal” by Carolyn Ogburn and Jade McWilliams May 2013 (Autism-Aspergers Digest, May-June 2013)

Book Reviews:

Constellarium, by Jordan Rice (Poetry International Online, October 2017)

In Whatever Light Left to Us, by Jessica Jacobs (Empty Mirror, April 2017)

Abandon Me, by Melissa Febos (Numero Cinq, March 2017)

The Time of Miracles, by Borislav Pekić  (Ploughshares Blog, February 2017)

Absolutely On Music: Conversations with Seiji Ozawa, by Haruki Murakami (Numero Cinq, January 2017)

It’s All Signal: Nell Zink’s Nicotine (Numero Cinq, November 2016)

War on Autism: On the Cultural Logic of Normative Violence, by Anne McGuire (Disability and Society, November 2016)

Imagining Autism: Fiction and Stereotypes on the Spectrum by Sonya Freeman Loftis (Disability and Society, August 2016)

The Fatal Problem: Review of Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry (Numero Cinq, August 2016)

“Governing Childhood into the 21st Century: Biopolitical Technologies of Childhood                               Management and Education,” by Majia Holmer Nadesan (June, 2013)

“Understanding Autism: Parents, Doctors, and the History of a Disorder,” by Chloe                               Silverman. (April 2014)